The Cathedral is a design/thought proposal, inspired by ideologies of inclusivity and the centers of influence that existed in the historical context of South African.

The church was one of the centers of influence that existed, which played a huge role in the liberation movement and the education of black leadership. According to   Emile Durkheim, If religion did not exist, institutions would have to be created to fulfil the vital functions it performs for society and Richard Vosko adds that places of worship provide a sense of security and promise.

However, it can be argued that the church also played a role in the dominance and forced conversion over the possessions and spirituality of African people and other members indirectly or directly. Credo Mutwa explains that beliefs constitute mostly the things that a particular race or nation regards as its ideals, its symbols or examples of spiritual and material perfection. The beliefs held by a particular race constitute that race's ego and he concludes that it is therefore wrong for one race or group to force its beliefs onto another.






Concept , Design